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We pride ourselves on our selection of products that we love to make and eat!

 From everyday essentials to special treats for celebrations and weekends.



Our Dinner Parties and Special Occasions MENU

We do custom menus for special; occasions and parties, for intimate gatherings to lavish dinner parties .

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Party Meals and Festive favourites

From Honey Glazed Hams, to Roasts  and  Smoked Chicken, Wraps, Hotdogs , Burgers, Custom Pizzas, Lasagna and much more

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    I don't care as long as it's tasty!Veg – VeganVeg – JainVegEggsFishShell FishChickenMuttonBuffPork
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    What would you like to order? (some of our items might not be available right now, so if you tell us everything you might want to try we will let you know whenever it’s available)
    From Cheese & Dairy
    Smkd. CheeseSmkd. Cheesy Dip

    From Charcuterie & Speciality Meats
    Smkd. BaconSmkd. Pulled PorkPepperoniPancetta

    From the Deli
    Smkd. Lasagne (Bolognese and Pancetta)Smkd. Lasagne (Chicken)Smkd. Bolognese Red Wine SauceSmkd. Chicken Bolognese White Wine SauceSmkd. Chicken Carbonara with PancettaSmkd. Whole Chicken RoastSmkd. Whole HamSmkd. Fried Chicken BurgersSmkd. Buff BurgersSmkd. Pulled Pork SlidersTenderloin SteakSmkd. Chicken Spread

    From our Parsi Dishes
    Mutton DhansakChicken DhansakVeg DhansakSali BotiSali ma MargiSali Par Eedu (cheese)Sali Par Eedu (Smkd. Chicken)Sali Par Eedu (Bacon)

    From Spices & Ingredients

    Smkd. HoneySmkd. Spice RubSmkd. Red ChilliSmkd. Sea SaltSmkd. GarlicSmkd. OnionsSmkd. BBQ Sauce

    From Nuts & Crisps
    Smkd. AlmondsSmkd. Peanuts

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