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We pride ourselves on our selection of products that we love to make and eat!

 From everyday essentials to special treats for celebrations and weekends.

Smoked cheese, sea salt, spice rubs and nuts to specially cured and smoked charcuterie.

 Our Pre-ORDER Menu 

Browse our Collection of Smoked and Cured Meats and Deli items . Most of these require a week to ten days notice  and are subject to availablity.

Pre Order Charcuterie & sPeciality Smoked Meats


Smokey Bacon (250g)                                                Rs 400 

Whole Smoked Ham (3-8kg)                            Rs 1500 /kg                                            

Pancetta  (250g)                                                         Rs 500

Pepperoni (Winter Spl) 250g                                     Rs 600


Our favourite dishes to cook and devour. Slow cooked pork to richly marinated tenderloin,  our luscious lasagne with it’s velvetty red wine sauce sandwiched between layers of buttery handmade pasta. Fragrant smoked burgers embedded with  pearls of smoked garlic and caramelized onion.

Smoked Cheese

Smoke by the Sea’s Bestselling  Smoked Cheese made  with  our in house  blend of wood and woodchips, carefully smoked to perfection.

Smkd. Cheese  (100 gm)                                   Rs 175

Smkd. Cheese ( 250 gm)                                   Rs  400

Smkd. Cheese ( 1 kg)                                         Rs  1500

Smokey Dips and Sandwich Spread

Smoked Chicken Sandwich Spread  (250g)   Rs 400

Smoked Cheesy Dip with Mint (250g) Rs 450 

Smoked Nuts


Smoked Almonds  (100 g)                 Rs 200

                                   (1kg)                   Rs 1800

Smoked Peanuts    (100 g)                Rs 100

                                   (1 kg)                  Rs1000

Smoked Garlic & Onions

Smoked Onions          (250g)  Rs 200

Smoked  Garlic            (250g)  Rs 300

Smoked Spices and Sauces

Add an instant rich flavour with a the perfect smokey seasoning for salads and spices for your favourite dishes.

 Smkd.  Honey   (100 ml )                                  Rs 250

Smkd. Red Chilli  (50 g)                                  Rs 100

Smkd. BBQ Sauce (100ml )                           Rs  300

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