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The Healing Power of Food

In trying times food takes on a rather central role,  especially now when you can’t leave home and supplies are sparse.

You might have to come up with inventive ways to cook beans for days on end , or relentlessly pair protein  with pounds of panic bought potatoes. Still food has always had a wonderful way of bringing the family together. Whether it’s getting the cooped up kindergartener to help peel, chop  and stir (supervised) on a hot stove –  all thrilling and normally contraband activities or simply eat lunch together as a family  every day of the week not just on Sunday. Food has the ability to comfort and fortify for the weeks or perhaps months ahead.

Several foods have the power to heal and protect; garlic, ginger, turmeric, leafy greens, lean protein, nuts and lentils, fruits and even chocolate have wonderful immune boosting properties and we love to incorporate all these and more in our home cooking. 



While we all try to keep the social-distancing snacking to a minimum and nourish ourselves with food rich in  vitamins, there are days when we’ll need some serious comfort food – warm and familiar or a slice of something sweet  to make our world seem  like a safer place. 

We’ll be sharing a few easy to follow recipes  to knock  together with a handful of  ingredients, wholesome and delicious!


Crunchy Quarantine Carrots


Salt ( ideally sea salt/ rock salt)
Almonds ( or any available nuts or sesame seeds)
Chilli flakes or smoked chilli powder (optional) 

Honey or brown sugar/jaggery

Heat a a couple of tablespoons of oil in a large pan, 
Cut carrots into sticks,( medium to thin depending how chunky you like your carrots) or use baby carrots whole if you can’t be bothered to chop. 
Toss them in the pan with roughly chopped almonds  (we like to use our own smoked almonds) 
Add chilli flakes or smoked chilli powder 

If you don’t have honey add a touch of brown sugar or jaggery and take the carrots of the heat once nicely caramelized. 

 If you’re using honey, first serve then add honey when taken  off the heat (honey once heated loses  its healing goodness) 
Season with a dash of sea salt (or our smoked sea salt if you like things extra smokey) 
If you don’t have almonds you can substitute with any available nuts or even sesame seeds  to give an added crunch.
Add an optional garnish if you have  parsley or  a couple of springs of rosemary and  a dribble of balsamic vinegar to finish.

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