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5-9 August, 2020

A Whole Week of Whole Roast chicken at Smoke by the Sea

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A Whole Week of Whole Roast Chicken at Smoke by the sea!

This week we are doing extended deliveries  of  Our Heston Blumenthal Inspired Brined Whole Roast Chicken. A classic dish,   infused with  lemon and thyme. Served with a rich double-stock sauce that has been described as ‘liquid gold’ and with rosemary and smoked garlic potatoes.
We are also delivering our outstanding Sous-Vide Tenderloin Steaks and Maple Glazed Hams among  other favourites  – Our Bestselling Burgers, Smoked Cheese and  Smoked Salmon Pâté .
Our Parsi  meal this weekend is  Tamata ma Cutlets : buff cutlets  in a sweet, tangy tomato gravy.
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ham crostini
Maple Glazed Whole Hams: Perfectly Smoked Pork Shoulder/ Leg, dry-cured for over 2 weeks, and finished off in the smoker with a Maple glaze.

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