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Thursday to  Sunday 

We specialize in   smoked foods, cured meats  and weekend feasts.

From our Best Selling  Whole Hams to Sausages and  , Burgers, Sous-Vide Steaks,  Pâté, Smoked Cheese and lots more.

 Preorder your favourite  Roast Dinners  every week.


We  also make custom menus for  dinner parties and special occasions , with a lead time of 6 to 10 days  For any such requests please contact us directly.


This week shared deliveries are on Sunday, 31st Oct,  5:00 Pm to 8:30 PM.

 Also Delivering Thursday Friday & Saturday.

Festive Menu


Christmas Pre Order Menu

Smoked Meats

Whole Hams

Maple Glazed Whole Hams: Perfectly Smoked Pork Shoulder/ Leg, dry-cured for over 2 weeks, and finished off in the smoker with a Maple glaze.
  • Maple Glazed Boned Hams 350g

    Medium (Classic Firm Texture)
    Well Done (Melt in Your Mouth Feel)
    Quick View

Regional Menu


Smoked Spices and Sauces

Nuts & Snacks


IMPORTANT: We are currently experiencing some challenges with our payment system if it doesn’t work, don’t worry, we will get notified and contact you within 24 hours, alternatively you can call or WhatsApp us. 

For Assistance call/whatsapp


Lynn  9820135406

Jehan 9920566335


Smoked Food Heaven

Our Smoked Food Collection ranges from our best-selling Smoked Cheese to delicious hot smoked foods like Whole Smoked Ham and Smoked Lasagnes, Tenderloin and Burgers. 

made with Love

Homecooked hearty cooking to indulgent celebratory meals and festive food.  We use a unique blend of wood and hot ovens and cold smokers for maximum smokey deliousness and depth of flavour.  

Gourmet Ingredients

Our Selection of Smoked Ingredients and Products are all carefully sourced and made fresh to order. 

Smoked Spice Rubs, Kashmiri Chilli, Garlic ,Sea Salt , Smoked Honey, and to our  decadent Smoked Charcuterie from Bacon to Pancetta and Pepperoni.

Smoked to perfection, handcrafted with care.

"Making my own food and ingredients has been a lifelong dream and each of our products has been made with care and personal attention to detail."
Jehan hilloowala

smoked Delicacies

Handcrafted delights that are smoked to perfection . Whether its wood smoked cheese, sea salt, spices, almonds and charcuterie we use the finest ingredients to create mouth watering treats.

Our Smoked Collection

The best way to experience our offerings is to visit us or try something out. Follow the aromas and choose the most delicious food to satisfy your palate.

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What Our Customers Are SayIng

Smoke by the Sea, an unusual name for a Cloud Kitchen

It is intriguing and interesting enough for me to read all about it's back story. A house overlooking the sea with the aromas of Smoked Cheese and Smoked Almonds and Smoked tomatoes and Smoked meats. Wow!! This is a first for Mumbai. In Lockdown days a courier service that brought my order on time . Lunch from Smoked by the Sea. Melt in the Mouth Lasagne made in a red wine sauce and the creamiest of cheese. Buff Burgers like they are meant to be. Large, Meaty and Satisfying. Can't wait to devour the entire menu order by order !
Shibani Ghosh

Delicious, reasonable and neatly packed

For some awesome smoked, cured meats, smoked cheese and some yummy hot food including Parsi delicacies I highly reccomend #SmokeByTheSea Delicious, reasonable, hygienic and neatly packed. Very cool joint!
AMit Mehra

Better than any imported cheese

The Smoked Cheese beats any imported cheese hollow!.. Simply awesome
Dhun OoNwalla

And Follow our Food Stories

If you love to see how your food is prepared, watch us brine, cure and smoke food  to your hearts content while you wait for your order!

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